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Simon Halford BSc MSc Dip Psychotherapy
Dip Psychosexual therapy
Couples Therapy, Psychosexual / Sex Therapy in Central London, Southampton, and Portsmouth

I am an experienced Psychotherapist, specialising in the treatment of sexual and relationship issues using a range of approaches to meet the individual or couple's needs. I offer couples therapy, psychosexual and sex therapy in Fareham (Mon-Wed) and Central London (Thurs-Fri).

I am a COSRT accredited Psychosexual Therapist and an accredited Supervisor. I practice couples therapy and counselling at 96 Harley Street Central London and sex and psychosexual therapy in Fareham, near to Portsmouth and Southampton.

Therapy is strictly confidential, and includes psychodynamic, person centred and cognitive behavioural approaches.

I have worked in the NHS and privately for more than 20 Years and am accredited by the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) and the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) .

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Typically you would have an initial assessment where mutual suitability can be established, the issue or issues you would like to work on can be discussed, as well as the frequency and number of sessions you might need. Any queries or questions you might have can also be addressed at this time. The cost of each session ranges from £60 to £150 depending on location; concessions are available.

Through counselling and therapy I aim to provide a safe environment and practical solutions for exploring and addressing sensitive sexual and relational problems for individuals and couples.

The issues I treat include erectile dysfunction, pain during intercourse, loss of libido (sexual desire), sexual addictions including Internet pornography addictions, relationship difficulties and the impact of serious illnesses including cancer, strokes and cardiovascular issues on sexual function and relationships.

Please feel free to contact me by telephone on 07984 830449. Please leave a message stating your name and number if I am not available to answer, and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Be assured that all messages are dealt with in a sensitive and strictly confidential manner.

I am able to offer couples therapy and counselling, sex therapy and psychosexual therapy in Central London, and Fareham, near to Portsmouth and Southampton.

Client testimonial:

"We had been reluctant to seek help - and Simon was pretty much our first experience of therapy. from the moment we met, I felt that we were in the safest possible hands. Simon had a wonderfully avuncular manner, is extremely kind, and is generous with his guidance. We dealt with highly sensitive and at times acutely painful issues but somehow Simon's skills enables us to leave his room lighter than when we arrived." AG & SG

Current News - August 2019

Becoming Parents

As with any life transition, becoming parents can create challenges for a couple’s sex life that have not been navigated before as they juggle new commitments and discover who they are in their new role as mum or dad. Couples can find themselves to be unprepared for the toll that parenthood can take on their sex life, and with a new little person taking up the majority of their attention and energy, intimacy can be difficult to nurture.

When a couple become parents, the fundamental dynamics of the relationship change. For example, a husband might feel he is replaced as the centre of his partner’s universe, regardless of how stable generally he may be. It’s very common for men to feel a little bit pushed out because of the unique bond between mother and child. Dynamics change as priorities change; all of a sudden the baby becomes a core priority and it’s so easy for things like intimacy and quality time for the couple to get shoved down due to high demand on resources.

It’s natural for a couple’s lovemaking to decline in the first few months of parenthood, but generally the hope and expectation is that a healthy sex life can be resumed as the couple learn to adapt and thrive as a family.

Tiredness is probably the biggest and most common barrier to having sex, as well as a lack of time, energy and privacy and some more complex issues such as low self esteem, low libido and anxiety/depression.

The key, of course, to maintaining a healthy relationship and sex life is communication. It’s important to talk to each other about expectations, desires and goals. Being honest about how you are feeling and clear about what you want, such as “I’m not ready to have sex but I’d really like a cuddle,” sets a helpful parameter and helps avoid disappointment and resentment. Having these conversations away from the bedroom to relieve the pressure that something will happen there and then can also be worthwhile.

Sexual intimacy won’t improve unless there is a sense of both partners feeling heard, understood and appreciated, so spending time together to strengthen the relationship is vital. Asking friends and family for support can help facilitate quality time as a couple. Stay flexible, but try to make it a priority and plan ahead.

Small gestures will also go a long way to strengthen the emotional connection between partners, such as a word of encouragement or praise.

Sometimes resentments and unhealthy habits can be deeply ingrained and require some extra help to find ways to resolve them, but it’s never too late to put sex back on the agenda.

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